Saturday, 3 May 2014

Monday, 7 April 2014

My journey...

A lot of things have been done and seen that can not fit in A3 piece of paper and does not matter how  hard You try...

Peer Facilitation - Experiential Anatomy

Few weeks ago I had an opportunity to facilitate a 15-minute session for a small group of peers. Focus of session must have been drawn from my own movement practice as well as my curiosities. The only one curiosity that keeps my focus is touch. With relation to my FMP idea, I have decided to explore hand... 

Preparation and the actual 15-minute session has helped me to revisit and make my personal connections between movement practices. Moreover, it have taught me to overcome stress and develop my teaching/facilitation skills. The most important learning outcome for me was to relate this session to my FMP as well as to learn from others. Somebody might have more experience than me, that's why I was focused in every single 15-minute session - LEARN THROUGH MISTAKES! 

The main focus of my session was to understand the bones structure of hand as well as tracing these bones to awaken the sensitivity and experiences. To finish, students were asked to do a short hand dance where you could clearly see the experiences being awakened. 

Peer and Tutor feedback:

  • touch as sensation
  • somebody thought about skin but not bone (personal choices)
  • circulation of fingers
  • reminding the focus and qualities used during the session as well as voice were good factors in order to keep peer's attention
  • specificity needs to be always there
  • clear and consistent guidance
  • ISSUE - lack of time to show everything 
Equally incredible experience being a mover as well as teacher. Developed self-confidence as well as respect towards peers. A lot of valuable information gathered that can be used in the nearest future. Pleasure to be a part of giving as well as receiving...

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Experiential Anatomy

Session where we had to create a short sequence and teach our peers ...

Final Major Project

Something that has inspired me to create my Final Major Project as A Performed Presentation related to different aspects of touch. Why? To remind people that touch is a vital part of everyday life, however, we do not pay a lot of attention towards it... Touch can be related to something brute as well as to something that is pleasant...... Touch - is where one is equally giving as well as receiving....